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Saudi Arabia Iqama Fee For 2021

As we all know that every Expate in saudi arabia must pay their iqama annually and we already shared about full amount of iqama fee maktab ul amal fee and insurance fee on expates For the year of 2021. But a big good news came from saudi arabia about iqama fee is to reduce the payment cycle from 12th months to a minimum 3 months duration.

Check Saudi Iqama Fees 2021 Online

Recently Saudi Arabia cabinet approved new law in which Expates are allowed to pay thier Iqama fee on three months basis expect on annual basis.

So here i will tell you about three months iqama fee for the year 2021….

Monthly Saudi Iqama Fee 650

In case Of three months 3×650=1950

So you have to pay iqama renewal fee for year 2021 for three months us 1950 Riyals


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