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Saudi Banks Warned Expates

Saudi banks on Wednesday warned their customers not to respond to a series of e-mails that have recently surfaced from anonymous destinations with their local bank logos calling on customers to activate their bank accounts by visiting fraudulent e-mail links.

She explained that these fraudulent links come in a code of letters under the pretext of maintaining and modernizing the system, as well as letters that claim to be issued by official bodies or which impersonate the names of public figures known, asking for funds or donations or sending misleading messages.

The Secretary-General of the Committee on Information and Awareness Banking in Saudi banks Talat Zaki Hafez that these messages, which received samples from customers during the past few days involve fraud attempts by unknown parties through the impersonation of some commercial banks.

Hafez also stressed that such messages are completely contrary to the mechanisms of reliable communication adopted by banks with their customers, calling for the need to ignore such messages and non-response at all with them, expressing confidence in the awareness of customers and their active role in the participation of official bodies to address those attempts

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