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Saudi Cargo Fee 2022

Saudi Cargo Fee 2022

Saudi transport companies have increased cargo fees by 25% – the companies claim they were forced to do so – an increase rate of 20 to 25% is being reported.

According to latest updates transport companies said that the prices of petrol, diesel, spare parts, batteries and tires have gone up and are very important for their work, so the increase was inevitable.

The companies say that the prices of petrol and diesel are constantly rising – the prices of spare parts are also increasing exponentially.

Rakan Al-Atishan, chairman of the logistics committee at the Eastern Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that the reduction in cargo charges of bad transport companies was linked to a number of issues.

It was available in Hilla. Now the price is 65 Hilla. The recent increase in petrol and diesel prices is creating big problems. Transport is not possible without diesel. Petrol prices are constantly rising in the country, it is also affecting domestic prices – mobile oil, batteries, etc. have become expensive.

Faiz Al-Youssef, owner of Badi Transport Company, said that diesel prices are having a huge impact on bad cargo. The increase in cargo fee is quite reasonable. It used to be 300 to 500 riyals – this fee is for Dammam, Riyadh route while heavy transport fee has become 900 to 1100 riyals – it used to be between 700 to 800 riyals.

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