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Saudi Lifted Ban On Ethiopian Domestic Workers

 Ministry of Labor and Social Development lifted the ban on the recruitment of Ethiopian domestic workers after two years of negotiations between Riyadh and Addis Ababa.

The cost of recruitment ranging from 9-11 thousand riyals, after the application of the new unified contract, and the monthly salary will be 1000 riyals, after Addis Ababa’s demand to increase the salary of 100 riyals; And the price of recruitment 7 thousand riyals.

sources pointed out that the time limit for the arrival of domestic workers will not exceed 60-90 days, and will be easy and quick; because there are 600 contracting offices, pointing out that Ethiopian domestic workers are able to fill the deficit after Addis Ababa expressed its willingness to provide the required number.

The sources pointed out that the Ethiopian Embassy insisted on documenting the paperwork of the domestic worker for 313 riyals, in addition to the electronic contract through Masad, pointing out that the Ministry of Labor refused to do so previously, and only signed the contracts through Masad.

Ethiopian employment ranked first among nationalities to escape their sponsors by about 60% -80%.

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