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Saudization Of Exhibition Of 12 Professions

 The Ministry of Labor and Social Development with the beginning of the new Hijri year 1441 AH, began to resettle the profession of exhibition manager for 12 economic sectors.

Khaled Abulkhail said that the job of a sales outlet manager was limited to Saudis, before being excluded and allowed expatriates to occupy it, for only one year, so that the Saudi employee becomes fully aware of the job, pointing out that the deadline has already expired according to the above.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Labor and Social Development has issued a previous decision to resettle 12 economic sectors in three stages: shops of cars and motorcycles, shops of ready-made clothes and children’s clothes, shops of household utensils, men’s accessories, and shops of home and office furniture.

Also included are electrical and electronic appliances shops, watch shops, glasses shops, medical equipment stores, confectionary shops, construction and building materials stores, carpet shops and auto parts shops.

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