Saudization Profession List In Saudi
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Saudization Profession List In Saudi

Saudization Profession List In Saudi

Saudi Arabia has increased its Saudization rate and now more and more jobs are limited to saudi citizens only and this is quite increasing since the beginning of 2020 and still increasing.

Saudi government has released new Saudization policy which will cover almost 40000 jobs and here i will tell you about Saudization Profession List In saudi arabia.

This Saudization decision covers profession list in saudi to localize real estate activities and professions about 70% of the total number of workers in establishments in real estate activities provided that the number of Saudis in the facility is not less than one employee as a minimum.

Saudization Profession List In Saudi 

Targeted professions in this Saudization policy include the following professions

Real estate brokerage
Real state sale and rental broker
Land and real estate broker
Land and real estate registry clerk
Sustainable construction professions
Certified Sustainable Engineer
Certified Resident Engineer
Quality Inspector Engineer
Prefab Inspector
Real Estate Control Professions
Real estate arbitrator
Real estate reformer
Only Saudis will issue Cinema tickets
Sell food in cinemas
Retail deals in cinemas
Surveillance work In Cinemas

Which Professions Are Still Allowed

Expates are still allow to work in the following professions

Film projector operators
Sound operators
Film technicians
Senior chefs
Assistant chefs
Restaurant staff

When Will This Apply?

Ministry of Manpower Saudi Arabia has banned any film company from having more than 15% foreign workers.

If there are less than ten employees in a company then a foreign worker can be appointed.

The Ministry of Manpower saudi arabia says the decision will apply to all cinemas in the country.

No cinema located in a cinema or commercial complex will be exempt from this ban. Everyone will have to abide by Saudiization.

The Ministry of Manpower saudi arabia has given 90 days in the first phase and 360 days in the second phase to implement the decision.

Saudization Profession List In SaudiIn case you want to check full Saudization Profession List In Saudi Click Here To Get PDF

Click Here To Get PDF

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