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Second Dose Of Covid Vaccine In Saudi Arabia

Second Dose Of Covid Vaccine In Saudi Arabia 

Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia announced that now you can receive the second dose of vaccine in saudi arabia as a continuation of the efforts made to follow up the vaccination campaign.

Saudi Arabia ministry of health described the groups who are eligible to take second dose of vaccine in saudi arabia.

According to Ministry of health statement groups which are eligible to receive the second dose are as follow

Dialysis patients
Active cancer patients
Organ Transplant Patients
Patients with 60 or Above.

Saudi Arabia Ministry Of Health Special Notice

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Health had previously announced that receiving the second dose would be restricted to the elderly only to increase the proportion of vaccine recipients and it directed health practitioners to apologize gently to someone other than that group if they came to receive the second dose.

If you are in these mention groups announced by ministry of health and wan to take second dose covid-19 vaccine in saudi arabia then its golden chance for you.

Second Dose Of Covid Vaccine In Saudi

As earlier it was announced to deliver the covid-19 vaccine second dose in saudi arabia to only peoples with over 60 and now some changes are made by Minstry Of Health about second dose vacine in saudi arabia SCHEDULE.



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