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Send Money From Saudi Arab Internationally For Free

Hey All welcome back to another very unique method by which you can easily transfer money from saudi Arabia to any country for free.

Before Proceeding you must remember one thing that this offer is valid till 30 September 2020 only.

Enjaz mobile App is available in 8 languages, It includes Enjaz easy transfers and Western Union transfers, You can pay the money through any MADA card to transfer money using Quick Access feature.

Method to Send International Transfer using Enjaz App :

  1. First of all Choose Quick Access and then enter your Iqama number.
  2. Now uou have to Enter one time password sent to your mobile from Bank Albilad.
  3. In main menu, click Tab select the beneficiary.
  4. Enter amount to send and purpose of Transfer.
  5. Confirm to Proceed. Know more : Procedure to send money through STCPay
  6. Pay with any MADA card.
  7. Your transfer is completed.

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