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Sick Leave Saudi Labor Law For Expates

If you are living in saudi arabia then you must know your all rights and you must be aware of all regulations to avoid any kind of trouble.Here we will talk about artical 117 of saudi Labor law.

In case your illness is proven by doctor and you have a written prove from any hospital or doctor then according to article 117 of saudi Labor law its your right to get 4 months sick leave from your employer or company and you will be paid also according to the following

First 30 days……. Full Paid
Next 60 days…….Three by four Of wage
Next 30 days…….. No Payment

Kafeel Can Not Terminate Worker During Sick Leave……..
According To Article 117 Of saudi Labor Law
If you are on sick leave then during your sick leave duration your kafeel or company can not terminate you but if you exceed from the 4 months duration your kafeel or company will have the right to terminate You.

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