Third Dose Of Vaccine In Saudi Arabia
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Third Dose Of Vaccine In Saudi Arabia

Third Dose Of Vaccine In Saudi Arabia

As expates in saudi arabia and outside forigner are facing to get the second dose vaccine ministry announced the third Dose Of Vaccine In Saudi Arabia which is quite worrying.

As for now saudi arabia vaccine policy is to get two doses of approved Vaccine for full immunization which are as below
Two doses of Pfizer
Two doses of astrazeneca
Two doses of Moderana
One dose of Johnson

These approved vaccine are available in saudi arabia and for good news these three vaccine which are Moderana Pfizer And astrazeneca are available in pakistan.

As Covid-19 changes it’s types every day then it’s difficult to cover all types with the same types and same doses of vaccine.

Saudi Arabia government has decided to apply the third Dose of Vaccine in saudi arabia and this will be applicable as soon as possible.

According to saudi arabia ministry of health if any one had taken two fully doses of Moderana vaccine pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine and astrazeneca vaccine they will get another Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine to fight against the Delta varient of Covid

Third Dose Of Vaccine In Saudi Arabia

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