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Three Most Useful Application For Expates In Saudi Arab

While living in saudi arab you must have installed these three application in your mobile phone. These three application will solve almost of your 90% problem and will help you alot.

Tawaklna Application…

The app. provides instant and live information about the number of coronavirus infections in the Kingdom, and helps in the early detection of possible infections once users show coronavirus symptoms. It allows citizens and residents to request movement permits in cases of necessity during curfew; follow-up on their permit request status during curfew

Free Call From Saudi Arab

Stop paying for expensive cell minutes and text messages!

Stop wasting your money and time using calling cards for international calls!

TalkU let you make free and cheap phone calls to anyone over WiFi and 3G/4G data networks without using any cell minutes. You can save up to 90% comparing to your phone company.

Get local phone numbers for free
Make unlimited calls and SMS messages
Save a lot on international calling and texting
Turn your tablet into a phone
Quality calls between mobile phone and landline

Saudi Arab Free VPN

Saudi Arabia VPN MASTER – Free To Unblock Proxy with connects you to the nearest and fastest servers with simple one click on this application.this application can secure the best free & unlimited vpn tunnel for android to unblock sites with that watch online videos and by pass blocked apps, secure wifi hotspots and browse privately.

Saudi Arabia VPN MASTER – Free To Unblock Proxy can connects you have free access to all the blocked pages and websites which are restricted in your area. it’s provide you to full security regarding your ip address.VPN Best Proxy Master with you will find worldwide VPN servers like japan,thailand,united states,canada etc..

Saudi Arabia VPN MASTER – Free To Unblock Proxy application work very super and high speed. You can be in a new world when using this unlimited vpn proxy. The best available VPN is unblocking proxy for android actually vpn one click super proxy unblock and also has unlimited access.VPN Prank is very easy to use. The task of unblock app is very and one can work on keeping the VPN, master vpn, this vpn defender, where they want.

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