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Travel To Saudi Arabia Tips And Conditions 2021

Travel To Saudi Arabia Tips And Conditions 2021

Year 2021 is one of the toughest year for all peoples epically for expates who want to travel to saudi arabia.

Most of them are on exit re entry visa and even much more people’s want to enter saudi on new work visa.

So due to current situation of whlole world saudi arabia imposed strict restrictions including flights suspension for 38 countries which specially included Pakistan and india.

Now peoples from Pakistan and india have the only option to transit over unbanned country in order to reach saudi arabia for now.

Countries Through Which You Can Transit Saudi Now

For now you have only two best option mean two best countries for transit saudi arabia. The first one is costly and safe while the other one is cheap but little dangerous.

Transit Saudi Now Through Afghanistan

This is the most easily way to reach saudi arab now as direct flights from Pakistan is suspended. You only need Afghanistan visit visa and then travel even by Road to reach Afghanistan.

Now you will get cheapest quarantine package in kabul as well as cheap flight ticks from kabul to saudi arabia.

So this is the most easy and more recommended way to reach saudi arab during flights suspension.

Transit Saudi Now Through Bahrain 

In case you are not felling safe to travel through Afghanistan so you an alternative option to travel via Bahrin.

But as i told you this will cost you much more money as its quarantine facilities are too much expensive.

So its all about up to you that which one you select to travel to saudi arabia.

But befor traveling to saudi arabia now a days you must be aware of all conditions as if faild to comply with rules so you will be returned from saudi arabia. Some keep in maind that be prepared while traveling to saudi.

Acceptable And Approved Vaccine For Saudi Arabia

Saudi GACA Announced some vaccine that is approved for traveling to saudi. Keep in maind that you must take adviced vaccine with required doses in order to avoid any problems.

Currently saudi is accepting the following vaccine with following doses

Take Two Doses Of AstraZeneca
Take Two Doses Of Moderna
Take Two Doses Of Pfizer
Take One Dose Of Jhonson

As for know you may know that only AstraZeneca Vaccine is available in Pakistan so as for now only this one is acceptable.

Saudi Arabia Quarantine Packages

If you are unable to take Vaccine then you must chose and do quarantine at arrival to Saudi arabia. Let me tell you that the announced quarantine packages are too much costly and its almost impossible for a normal person to chose.

So i will personally suggest you to take Vaccine as its important for your health and life as well as you be allowed to enter saudi arab with quarantine. The lowest quarantine package is more then 2000 Saudi Riyals and its not included with flight ticket.

You have to pay for flight ticket as well mean if you choose the lowest quarantine package and your flight ticket price is 1400 saudi Riyals so you will pay Quarantine+Ticket Which Is in this example 3400 Riyals

How To Get Vaccine In Pakistan For Travel To Saudi

For now people which age over 30 can apply and get vaccine in Pakistan.

The procesa for registration is very simple as you have to only send your CNIC number withiut any dish or space 1166 and you will be informed through text with all of your details.

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