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Ugandan authorities set several conditions for approving domestic workers from Uganda

Ugandan authorities have set several conditions for approving domestic workers from Uganda, including photographs of maids’ rooms in the homes of sponsors and shelters with filing files.

Uganda has put other conditions described as impeding, including the provision of labor immediately upon arrival with Saudi mobile chips, in addition to obtaining the approval of its embassy in Riyadh to complete the procedures for recruitment of the new batch.

According to new conditions homes of sponsors violated their privacy, which will not be accepted at all, indicating that the recruitment offices in the Kingdom called the Ministry of Labor and Social Development to intervene to resolve this matter.

The sources pointed out that the recruitment offices suffer from the loss of transactions with the Ugandan Ministry of Labor, which has become a common phenomenon, adding that the Ugandan Ministry of Labor sends a response after 45 – 60 days of the loss of transactions papers, forcing the offices to start transactions again

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