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Umra Visa 2019-2019 Registration Started

Ministry of Hajj and Umrah instructed companies and institutions to issue Umrah visas for the year 1441 AH through the Umrah electronic route.

According to the regulations, the Umrah performer selects the external agent associated with the Saudi Umrah Company, and then select the Umrah program which includes the service packs and return and return ticket numbers.The external agent will register the Umrah pilgrimage data, fill the developed form and submit the documents and then send them to the associated Umrah company to approve or reject the request.

The following procedure, according to the Ministry’s circular, is to pay the value of the program through the electronic payment system developed to collect the values โ€‹โ€‹of Umrah service packages from abroad, through the accounts allocated to each external agent in the bank contracting with the Umrah company associated with the external agent.

The reference number of the visa application, which is entered into the State Department’s platform to complete the issuance of the visa, will then be issued and the visa approval will be notified via the Umrah system.

The Ministry has developed a banking system to pay the value of Umrah services to external agents accredited in the electronic path of Umrah, where the Umrah company provides a main account with one of the banks approved to provide the service and add a main account for each external agent

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