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Umrah E-Services Application

For Muslims traveling to Saudi Arabia for Umrah pilgrimage, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Hajj has made available e-services on Android and the web. The pilgrims may search for their (1) Visa status, (2) Individual package details, and (3) Search for an authorized travel agency in their country and city.

Specifically, pilgrims may search about their Visa status and their Contracted package details. This shall give them assurance of services they bought through an authorized travel agent.

Pilgrims need to enter their passport # and nationality on e-Services search pages which shall return results in the form of current visa status, contracted transportation/hotel providers, and their duration of stay by city with start and end dates.

Pilgrims can also search for authorized travel agents by entering country and/or city. The Ministry of Hajj authorizes travel agents every year based on their the travel agent’s past historical performance.

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