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Use Free Internet 2023

With Free Basics, you can connect to Facebook and other websites for free using a SIM card from a qualifying mobile operator. Stay in touch with friends and family, search for jobs, check out news and sports updates, and get health information – all without data charges.

Free Basics includes websites like:
• AccuWeather
• BabyCenter & MAMA
• BBC News
• Dictionary
• Facebook
Websites vary by country.

Free Basics by Facebook is part of the initiative. We’re working with mobile operators around the world to make Free Basics widely available.

These mobile operators have agreed to not charge you for the data used to browse Free Basics. Data used beyond Free Basics, including but not limited to any minimum balance requirements and text messaging costs, may still result in standard rates and charges from your mobile operator.

We all want free internet anywhere but if you are living in saudi here i will give you free internet in saudi 2021 100% Working tips.

Let me make one thing clear that free internet methods are time limited. It mean that free internet methods are not life time as they have limitation. In case a free internet in saudi is working now does not mean that it will work forever.

However i will keep you updating about free internet in saudi 2021 100% Working methods time by time so don’t forget to keep visiting this site for free internet in saudi.

Free Whatsapp In Gulf Countries 

Whatsapp has announced that in new update you will be able to use your whatsapp in more then one mobile at the same time and the good news is you don’t even have internet MB. So its mean that after whatsapp new update you will be able to use whatsapp for free without any kind of internet.

Free Internet In Saudi Social Media

A very important thing is you can use almost 20+ websites and social media sites like facebook and messenger for free by just using an official free internet in saudi app.

This app will allow you to surf news website education website cooking websites and most important social media Like Facebook without any kind of Internet Date.

You just have to Get this installed in your mobile From Here and start using free internet in saudi and Enjoy.

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