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Vaccine In Saudi Arabia Is Compulsory Now 2021

Vaccine In Saudi Arabia Is Compulsory Now

Saudi Arabia Government Announced That Vaccine In Saudi Arabia Is Compulsory Now For Both Private And Government Sector Of Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development confirmed that receiving the Covid vaccine will be mandatory  condition for male and female employees of all sectors including public sector privet sector and non profit organization to attend workplaces. Also Check Your Saudi Arabia Iqama Fee Free Here

Vaccine In Saudi Arabia For Private And Government Sector 

The Ministry indicated that it will clarify the mechanism of work with this decision and the date of starting the application soon calling on all sectors to urge their employees to start procedures for obtaining the vaccine to return to workplaces in a safe and healthy way.

According to saudi Arabia Minstry Of Human Resource And Social Development this action comes within the framework of efforts taken by the various sectors of the state to limit the covid 19 outbreak in saudi arabia.

Vaccine In Saudi Arabia Is Compulsory Now
We all need to adhere to precautionary measures and preventive measures and to apply health instructions. To ensure the safety of workers and auditors  and to work in a safe and healthy environment


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