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What To Do If You Lost Your Iqama In Saudi Arabia?

Your Iqama Is your identity in saudi Arabia you must carry your iqama with you every where if you were found without iqama you will face fine.

Suppose you lost your iqama in saudi Arabia so what are the steps to be taken in order to avoid fine.

Here are the steps to be taken……

Firstly search all possible places for your iqama but if you didn t found your iqama you must register report at police station.

Remember one thing don’t go to police station alone because they will never register your report try to go there with someone citizen who have some escalations with authorities it will be easy to register your lost iqama report there. In order to register your report you must an application in arabic language.

Fee For The Lost Of Iqam….

You have to pay 1000 Riyals for the first time for second time its 2000 Riyals and for third time its 3000 Riyals but if you provide the police report you don’t have to pay that fee.

No your kafeel and GRO must go to Jawazat Office and to write a letter mentioned reason for losing your iqama how and when you lost your iqama.

This lattee must have a proper letterhead and it must be verified by chamber of commerce.

Now Your Kafeel And GRO Must Submit The Following Documents To Jawazat Office…

Written Application

Police Report

Payment Receipt Of Fine 1000 Riyals And Fee That 500 Riyals

2 Photographs

Copy Of Passport

Copy Of Lost Iqama

Jawazat Form Filled

If All went well you will get your new printed iqama next day…

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