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Final Exit From Saudi During Trail Period

General Directorate of Passports Announced to all residents to get benefit from service of issuing the final exit visa through the “Absher” platform during the trial period which is 90 days for those who did not have a “resident ID” from domestic workers. Conditions For This Service Total number of domestic and non-domestic workers does not […]

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Ask Your Any Questions

Welcome Back To Another very cool series here you can ask any kind of questions related to Saudi Arabia and your question will be answered on My YouTube Channel Sahil Tricks. You Can Ask Questions Related To… Minstry Of Labour Minstry Of Interior Jawazat Minstry Of Civil Service Minstry Of Hajj And Ummrah Iqama Haroob […]

Traffic Department

How To Get Back Traffic Fine In Saudi

General Traffic Department mentioned the method of objecting to traffic violations electronically through the Absher platform. The administration explained that the objection to the violations that were monitored by automatic monitoring or through the pass number, comes through entering the user account in the Absher platform, then go to the services field, then the traffic […]

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Delay In Traffic Violations Messages

Social networking sites circulated information about the traffic department that department stoped sending text messages with the details of the violations to the mobile phones of the violators, forcing them to inquire about them in the “Abshar” system. Users said that the electronic system of traffic is late in sending the registration and payment of […]