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Saudi Arab Embbasy Islamabad Circular

Saudi Arab Embbasy Islamabad Circular

Due to high number of fraud certificate cases government had taken some strict actions and announced the higher verification of medical documents.

In this regard i will will share here Saudi Arab Embbasy Islamabad Circular in which some designated medical facilities are mentioned and the only acceptable medical facilities as well.

Content Of Saudi Arab Embbasy Islamabad Circular

All Airlines

Designated Labs For Testing

Embassy of kingdom of saudi arabia in Islamabad presents you the list of designated labs for screening of passengers traveling to the kingdom of saudi arabia. We will like to make some necessary arrangements on airports to check each traveler date before traveling to saudi arabia to stop false and fraud documents at airport.

List Of Designated Labs Are Below

Islamabad Diagnostic Center
Test Zone Laboratories
Metropole Laboratories
Khan Lab And Diagnostic Center
Med Ask Laboratories
Real Time PCR Laboratories
Chughtai Labs

Apart from the above mentioned designated labs in Pakistan you can not perform test in other laboratories and if you did so you will not be allowed to travel to saudi arabia.

Saudi Arab Embbasy Islamabad Circular

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