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New Anti Begging Law Of Saudi Arabia

Minstry Of Interior with the help of some other departments is going to finalize a new anti begging law in saudi Arabia. Any one caught while begging will face prison and fine while Expates will also face deportation.

According to the new law, If anyone asks for money in Saudi Arabia directly or indirectly fakes injuries or disability or use kids to influence others for giving money will be considered as beggar and will face penalties.

If someone is found begging in mosques, petrol pumps, traffic signals, public transport and shops, they should deal with the new law and will face penalties doesn’t matter the begger is saudi citizen or expates.

According to the new law, If Saudi nationals caught begging for the first time they will not be tried but will made to sign a pledge never to beg again. If Saudi national makes begging a profession, they will be jailed for one year and a fine of 100,000 Saudi Riyals.

New Anti Begging Law For Expates

If an Expate is found begging in saudi Arabia he will face prison and fine and also Expate will be deported to their country.

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