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Saudi New Profession Saudization

Saudi New Profession Saudization

Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in cooperation with its partners in the private sector, is studying the localization of additional qualitative professions for the professions that were previously localized.

The General Administration of Institutional Communication at the ministry confirmed to Newspointnet that it is keen in its decisions to control the labor market in proportion to the volume of supply and demand, stressing that it has targeted, during the last period, the settlement of a number of medium and large quality professions.

She added that among those occupations that have been resettled, the professions of accounting, engineering, pharmacy, dentistry, information technology jobs, and supervisory professions in major central markets such as: supervisors, department managers, as well as branch managers.

She stressed that these and other decisions were positively reflected on the decrease in the unemployment rate in the Kingdom despite the pandemic conditions, as the unemployment rate decreased to 11.7% in the first quarter of 2021, compared to 12.6% in the fourth quarter.




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