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Three Common Password Mistakes

Three Common Password Mistakes

In this digital world we all use various passwords to keep our data and information secure on internet but we all do some password choosing mistakes which lead us to lost data we ard then exposed.

Here in this simple post i will about Three Common Password Mistakes and you must not add these things in your passwords to be safe and secure every time and everywhere.

Recently saudi arab government announced the you must not use some words or phrases in your passwords because they are easy to find and someone will easily find your passwords.

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According to an update issued by saudi arab government you can not use the following things in your passwords

Your Nick Name
Your Mobile Number
Your Date Of Birth
Your Girlfriend Name
Your Iqama Number

To be secure and safe in online and offline field you are advised to use very strong passwords and your passwords must contain some special characters as well.

In order to choose a very strong and secure password your passwords must contain the following things

Upper Case Words
Lower Case Words
Special Characters

Be advised not to use your any kind of public information in your any kind of passwords as its easily available to other persons which makes you unsecured.

Three Common Password Mistakes

Saudi Arab Cyber Wing Update

Saudi National Cybersecurity Guidance Center advised against using common and easy-to-guess passwords.

Cyber Wing demanded the replacement of passwords such as mobile number date of birth civil registry number and personal name.


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