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ONIC Sim Card Internet Packages 2024

ONIC Sim Card Internet Packages 2024

Onic represents Pakistan on peak digital telecom provider which is offering unlimited off net accessibility, quick customer support , in seconds activation and along this it has many more extra features. The entry of onic in Pakistan market has cause a great change

Onic Sim card is currently accessible to the citizens of Karachi and Lahore those who are using Android.While some features like e sim
and mobile number probability are not yet launched as company is focusing on the promotional ads and packages to attract as more customers as it can.

Onic is a subnetwork stated by U-fone Sim company and it is offering unbelievable call, sms, and Internet packages that are daily, weekly and monthly and are activated on reasonable low rates as it is the start of the company so it is providing many packages free also.

By the launch of Onic Sim card in Pakistan the curiosity is increasing day by day that which type of packages will be provided by this Sim card and at which price.

The Internet users are waiting eagerly to get Onic Sim card as provides really great Internet packages that are not provides by any other Sim card. It is the solution that fulfills the requirements for affordable and uninterrupted internet connectivity.

If you are the one who is looking for Onic Sim card and wants to know about the packages that are provided by this new Sim card then you are on the right path because we are here to tell you about full details of Onic Sim card packages:

Onic Sim packages:

The new and remarkable network promises a vase array of daily, weekly and monthly internet, calling and sms bundles that are unbelievable.

Let’s explore the new world of Onic first ever digital telecom that is providing is its three major user friendly packages which includes:

• Big data plan

• Epic data plan

• Limitless bundles

Now we will explore these packages details one by one.

1- Big data offer:

The on top Onic Sim package is big data offer.The amenities of this package are :

• 30GB internet

• Other network unlimited minutes

• 5000 SMS for 30 days non-stop.

Now the company is giving discount on this type of package so the old price of the Sim was Rs 1090 but now after discount the low price is Rs 890.

Details of the package:

Offer name:

The name of the offer is Big data offer .

Internet data:

Onic Sim card offers 30 GB internet.


The package provides 5000 sms to its users.

All network minutes:

The golden point of this network is that provides unlimited other network minutes that are not provided by any other network.The network minutes are limited on rest of the networks while on the Onic Sim card these minutes are unlimited.


The validity of this Sim card is 30 days.You can enjoy this offer for 30 days.


The cost of this package after the discount is Rs 890.

Subscription code:

You can subscribe this package by typing SUB online if you have a balance of Rs 890.

You should also keep in mind that a fair usage policy that is mostly abbreviated as FUP will be applied that is after using 5000 minutes of call you can not make call free anymore.

2- Epic data offer:

The next and amazing offer of Onic Sim card is known as epic data offer.The amenities of this package is that it provides:

• 100GB Internet

• Unlimited All network mins

• 10,000 SMS for 30 days.

Details of the package:

Offer name:

The name of this stunning offer is epic data offer.


This package provides 100GB internet to its users that is really golden chance for Internet users.


Onic Sim card offers 10,000 sms on this epic data offer.

Other network minutes:

It provides unlimited other network minutes that is the speciality if this Sim card but you also have to keep in mind the FUP that allows to use 5000 minutes.


This offer is valid for 30 days with in 30 days you have to utilize these offers.


In start the price of this package was Rs 1590 but after the discount new cost is Rs1290 that is affordable.

Subscription code:

The subscription code for this package is also sub online.

3- Limitless bundle:

The third unbelievable Package is limitless bundle. Amenities of this package are :

• 200GB Data

• Unlimited All network mins

• 10,000 SMS for 30 days non-stop

Details of the package:

Offer name:

Limitless Data


This offer provides 200GB Internet data that is an eid day for Internet users.


This package provides 10,000 SMS for its users.

Other network minutes:

Onic Sim card package provides unlimited minutes on other network that is a golden chance.


The offer is valid for 30 days.


The Sim price after discount is Rs 1990.

Subscription codes:

• For subscription of any package of Onic Sim card one can visit the official website of Onic.

• Then you have to click the get started button that is present below the page.

• Then you have to provide your number and then you have to subscribe the offer online.

Onic app:

In addition to official website you can download the Onic app that allows you to subscribe the offer of your choice. These are the two types of packages that you can apply.

Terms and conditions:

There are some terms and conditions applied that are mentioned below:

• You should keep in mind that all these packages are valid for 30 days.

• These packages are available only for Onic users other Sim card does not provides these offers.

• These Sims are currently available in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

• All the packages are prepaid.

If you want subscribe to these packages then you should keep these points on mind to avoid any problem or miss understanding.

So these were all about the Onic Sim card internet packages that you can subscribe so this let’s view this article and explore new offers waiting for you.

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